Monday, June 11, 2012

Switching on the lights.

Cue the music....
I'm not sure what direction this is going to go, but I can tell you that I almost always have something to say.  My life has been one big do-over.  I've been married twice, had a few false starts with my career before finding my groove, made a lot of stupid decisions, and graduated from therapy with my head straightened.  I got remarried to the man of my dreams and suffered a few pregnancies before we got the kid of our dreams.  We've moved, bought and lost our first house, moved again and again, but through it all while there is a "we" that are having do-overs now and not just a "me" I have found that I am capable of tremendous love and know that I'm worth something to someone. 

Thinking too quickly on my feet, I decided to call this blog "Like Never Before..." because I feel like my real life began when I met The One for me.  I became who I am meant to be, and am still a work in progress, and that's OK.  All I could think about was this song.

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